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7 Best House Renovation Companies in Perth, WA

There comes a time when your home starts developing numerous structural faults, or you start feeling the urge to give your apartment a renovative makeover. When this happens, you’ve got to heed the call to avoid further disrepair. Renovations aren’t limited to merely fixing wall cracks, repainting, or installing new windows and doors, they also involve house extensions.

People renovate their homes for numerous reasons: it could be that they’re looking to modernise their living space or they have a growing family, which requires more rooms in the house.

In the paragraphs below, we’ll highlight several strategies that’ll help you in your quest to refurbish your home. Also, if you’re in Perth, WA and you want a professional home renovation, rest assured, we’ve compiled a list of home renovation experts to consider when looking to give your home a modern touch. Let’s dig in!

What Is Home Renovation?

Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, home renovation can imply many things. If you’re looking to improve your home’s appearance, renovation entails repainting, refacing, replacing old lighting, changing the interior design, etcetera.

Perhaps you want to upgrade your home, then renovation means applying some tweaks to your rooms, installing a new bathroom, master bedroom, amongst others. Occasionally, it involves house extension, especially when you need more space in your apartment. You can always pull down one or two walls to expand your house.

Lastly, a renovation can also involve cosmetic upgrades like replacing windows or doors.

Reasons to Conduct a Home Renovation

As a homeowner, you can have several reasons for wanting a renovation, including:

  1. Your Comfort and Satisfaction

While you might have several reasons to embark on a home renovation project, your comfort and satisfaction trumps them all. It wouldn’t do for your apartment to lose its comfort while looking to give it a new look.

If you refurbish only to increase the future market price, you may end up living in a building that doesn’t feel like a home. Your comfort and satisfaction weigh more than the changes you need to make to guarantee you more money when you sell in the future.

  1. Addressing Safety Issues

Some home improvement projects can’t be postponed. Electrical issues, roof leaks, and foundation cracks are just a few of the numerous structural and mechanical issues that you must address to keep your household safe and prevent devastating or total house loss.

  1. Improving the Home’s Market Value

If you want to sell the house soon, you may want to consider a partial or total renovation project to achieve the best price possible when you put it on the market. Expanding the living room, replacing the doors and windows, and renovating the kitchen or bathroom are among the improvements with the highest instant return.

If you’re looking to sell your home, read our article on how to sell your house on a busy street.

  1. Boosting Your Home’s Efficiency

Besides giving your home a stunning design, installing new windows, a heating system, and more insulation can reduce your home’s energy expenses. If you wish to sell, buyers find energy-efficient houses more appealing, since they know they won’t spend much on bills.

  1. Your Home’s Becoming Stale

Old apartments can appear outdated, making them less appealing to buyers, or they may appear conventional rather than elegant. Remodelling your home’s decor might be a whim based on current trends or a strategy to get a house ready to sell. It’s best to stick to classic home designs that exude refinement.

Homeowners can paint their apartment interior themselves

  1. Expanding Your Home for Convenience

Perhaps you need extra room in your apartment, or a second bathroom for more convenience, especially on hectic mornings. Renovations that improve the home’s functionality for the residents are a smart option if they don’t depreciate the property’s value or reduce usable space.

Tips to Help You Organise Your Home Renovation Process

Whatever your reason for renovating is, here are some helpful tips to guide you:

  1. Plan and Design

A crucial step most people skip when conducting home renovations is the planning stage. If you don’t create a pre-renovation plan for your house, you might ruin the entire process.

With a plan, there’s a pattern to follow, thus, making the entire operation run smoothly. Creating a renovation plan isn’t simple. However, you can consult experts to help you out if you insist on renovating your home yourself.

While structural plans are important, you also have to consider your budget. If you don’t plan according to your pocket, you might end up overspending or not have enough money to complete the home renovations.

For instance, if you’re considering a second storey extension, you have to draw a plan of what the building will look like after the work is done, while also accounting for expenses that’ll be incurred.

Also, apply for a permit before you begin any remodelling yourself. Acquiring a permit is often tedious because permitting departments tend to make things challenging for applicants. However, a contractor can help you with that aspect.

  1. Budget for Demolition

At first, demolition might seem like much trouble, but if you’re looking to give your existing house a top-class makeover, why not pull down a wall or two to create extra space for your growing family?

With the expansion, you can make your building bigger, add an extra bedroom, install a new bathroom, or even create space if you want a home office or business space. However, conducting home extensions is expensive because you’re not just paying for a demolition expert, but also having a rebuild of the section you pulled down.

So, before taking steps to extend your home, consider your budget and see if you can foot the bill; if not, focus on other home renovation strategies.

  1. Windows Installation

Window replacement is crucial in a home renovation effort. Replacing your outdated, discoloured windows with modern ones does an amazing job of giving your existing home a noticeably brand new feel.

Numerous homeowners can attempt to fix replacement windows themselves but bear in mind that doing so may void the manufacturer’s warranty. Investigate the warranty requirements and/or contact an expert when necessary, since that warranty might save you lots of trouble down the line.

  1. Plan for Structural Carpentry

Structural carpentry entails supporting other pieces with woodwork. Building new walls, using beams as support to hold weight, fixing new doors (or removing existing ones), adding framework for new windows, or considerably increasing window apertures are all examples of this.

Many of these improvements are doable by a savvy hobbyist, but others, such as increasing window apertures, may necessitate the services of building professionals.

  1. Interior Painting and Applying Wallpapers

Interior painting, fixing wallpaper, and painting mouldings are all tasks that most homeowners can execute themselves. These interior wall surface treatments are among the last things you do inside since they can affect other areas of the project.

For professional and functional design, consider requesting the services of an interior designer, or a professional design team if you’re looking to turn your current apartment into your dream home.

Interior designers working on a apartment

  1. Tackle Bigger Problems First

When you’re renovating, you must note the bigger projects in the process, to help you strategize how you’ll handle them. For example, roof replacement or repair, foundation repair, handling leakages, and installing or replacing windows are several demanding tasks in the remodelling process.

These bigger projects must be completed first since they influence later initiatives. Confirm that the home will not collapse on you in the future to protect your future remodelling. This process includes correcting the foundation as well as any structural issues.

Secure the foundation and correct its severe flaws, such as weakened walls, joists, and carrying beams.

  1. Focus on the Exterior Lastly

Once done with the interior, or almost so, it’s time to focus on the house’s exterior. Now that you’re finishing internal home renovations, you can safely dig gutters and erect a new fence. You don’t want to make these exterior renovations until necessary, because debris from the inside may find its way outside, compromising the outside job.

Afterwards, you can then begin external upgrades that are associated with the house, like building or expanding a veranda, repainting the building, etcetera. It’s also the perfect time to consider aspects that are completely independent of the house, like swimming pools.

Best Home Renovation Companies in Perth, WA

  1. Amerex Renovations and Additions

Amerex Renovations and Additions are specialists in second-story building additions, house extensions, and extensive renovations to Australian homes. For over 25 years, the award winning company has handled numerous house renovations on Perth homes, especially in the inner-city neighbourhoods of Western Australia.

Amerex’s house extension projects provide homeowners with the extra room while also upgrading their aged house to top-notch contemporary standards while keeping the heritage characteristics and the elegance that makes their home so appealing.

The company is a five-time winner of the HIA Professional Small Builder/Renovator of the Year award.

  1. Perth Renovations Co.

Perth Renovations Co. is an Australian builder located in Palmyra, Western Australia, and is part of the Residential Building Construction Industry. The company, with its experienced design team, specialises in bathroom renovations, kitchens, Alfresco, and laundry room remodelling.

  1. Perth Renovation Group

Perth Renovation Group is a small business that specialises in high-quality renovations. Aiming to primarily serve the home sector, the company functions as designers and renovators on anything from simple to complex remodelling projects.

The company is an ecologically conscientious and safety-sensitive organisation that boasts of hiring certified, registered, and well insured contractors. To guarantee that projects operate well and that clients are constantly consulted, the group has built project planning and delivery procedures that comply with the strictest systems.

  1. Design Renovate

Design Renovate is a licensed building firm based in Perth, Australia, that offers full house renovation and construction services. The experienced remodelling firm specialises in modern internal and external house renovations.

A newly renovated home

  1. Addstyle Master Builders

Addstyle Master Builders is a Perth, Western Australia-based home renovation and addition company, which was started in 1988 by Robert Travers, a registered builder who identified a need for a firm that specialised in high-quality renovations and storey extensions after working in the West Australian home improvement sector for years.

Since its establishment in 1988, Addstyle has become Western Australia’s most decorated specialised builder, having received an amazing array of construction industry honours. The award winning home extension builder specialises in:

  • Home extensions
  • Second storey addition
  • Home renovations
  • Character home renovation
  • Garages
  • Granny flats
  1. Nexus Home Group

Nexus Homes Group is an award winning Australian builder that stands out in second storey additions, home renovations, and house extensions. Founded by Matthew Keogh, the company provides home renovation services, including home additions, custom homes, and modular home additions, in Perth, Fremantle, and Cockburn Central.

  1. Equinox Homes

Equinox Houses is a Western Australian-based boutique building and construction firm that specialises in new homes, expansions, and renovations. The company prides itself on providing a transparent service that allows clients to participate in all areas of design and construction to produce a quality and practical design.

Furthermore, the home extension builder, with its dedicated team, provides professional advice to clients from the start to completion of their project, while attempting to preserve a good working relationship with customers.


Renovations are needed if your house starts to have structural faults, or you feel your home is outdated. However, it’s crucial to plan out the entire renovation process if you’re handling them yourself. Planning not only helps work move smoothly, but it’s also vital in determining how much you’ll spend to remodel your home.

If the home renovation requires a team of experts, don’t hesitate to call the professionals.