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Vital points in remodeling an attic into a fabulous livable space

Many Melbourne properties can breathe out a lot of livable space from their attics. Think of a decent room with velux melbourne skylights overhead, which you can enjoy at the top floor of your home.

That space can serve as a living room for your family. It’s great as a bedroom, office space or entertainment area too. It can even add a hefty 20% value when you plan to sell your property later on.
However, you need to consider a few points before renovating your attic to ensure structural integrity. Moreover, it can guide you to choosing the features you need and can help you avoid legal penalties as well.
What are the vital considerations in remodelling an attic into a livable space
Do you plan to use your attic as a livable space? Consider these vital points beforehand:

Structural integrity

Before you buy skylights Melbourne has for attics along with other add-ons, be sure that the space can handle the renovation. It should be strong enough to handle additional loads.
In particular, your attic should be reliable enough to handle a complete room, so it should not pose any risk to your family.
Therefore, hire a reliable structural engineer to help you gauge this factor. After that, you can consider adding reinforcements if it’s not reliable enough.

Ceiling height

The building code of Australia requires 60% of a room to have at least 2.2 metres head clearance. In addition, you need to consider the height and position of vents as well.
This can let you walk around safely in your new space. Moreover, this ensures sufficient allowance for ventilation and insulation systems too.
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Natural lights and ventilation

The building code also requires sufficient natural lights and ventilation for any rooms. However, many attics lack windows and vents.
Therefore, you need to buy Velux windows to comply.
Skylights and windows can let natural lights to come in your attic. These are great for ventilation purposes as well, especially if you buy one with solar shades.
Moreover, hire Velux Melbourne installing services. They can professionally incorporate ventilation and insulation on your windows or skylights.

Cooling and heating systems

Remember that an attic can go freezing cold on winter and scorching hot in summer. Thus, you need sufficient insulation or cooling and heating systems. Experts even suggest using a separate heating or cooling system from the rest of the house.
In installing cooling and heating systems, you should plan the cables and ductworks carefully. Know the best position for your equipment as well.
Of course, Velux Melbourne skylights can contribute to cooling your attic, too.

Accessibility of attic space

Finally, there should be a good access staircase to the attic space. This isn’t a problem if you already have one. However, it will be a hassle if you rely on folding stairs previously.
Of course, you can’t continue using folding stairs when you plan to convert your attic.
These are the important points in planning to remodel your attic. These are all for you and your family’s safety and for you to get the best results after the process.
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