Monday, June 17

Automatic Gates: Common Problems and Upkeep Tips

If you’re after convenience and speed in your home living, perhaps you’ve considered installing automatic gates. With its remote controls, you can easily open the gate without getting out of the car. Automatic gates are also preferred for their aesthetic appeal and cost-efficiency. Add to that the safety and privacy it affords to your family. If you own an automatic gate, be sure to know the ins and outs of this technology.

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Common automatic gate opener problems

Like all other tech-based home fixtures, this type of gate can also give homeowners headaches. The following are the common ones you might encounter:

  1. Presence of insects, vermin, moss, and mold – Your automatic gate opener could get stuck if moss, mold, insects, and other small animals obstruct its sensors. If you notice your gate is unresponsive, check the sensors and have it cleaned.
  2. Unresponsive – Aside from obstruction due to insects and mold, gates could also become unresponsive due to faulty remote controls. If you’ve noticed that the remote’s red light fails to blink, check or replace the batteries. If you have for a long time already, replace if necessary.
  3. Power outage – Yes, this one isn’t within your control. Let’s face it. Automatic gates only function if there’s a consistent electrical supply. But you could also choose a gate that switches to manual mode automatically in times of power outage.

The functional issues of automatic gates need to be fixed immediately. Otherwise, it will be beyond repair. And you’d be compelled to replace it. To ensure your gate stays functional for a long time, be sure to entrust the installation and maintenance to professional gate automation kit suppliers.

The ways to keep your gate opener fully functional

Enjoy a convenient property entry and exit for a long time with a fully functional automatic gate opener. Here are the ways you can do this:

  • Avail of regular maintenance for it. Have the remote controls and the gate itself cleaned regularly. Remember, moss, dust, dirt, molds, and small insects could settle in between the electrical components of the remote, making it unresponsive.
  • Buy replacement batteries from reliable suppliers. Don’t settle for cheap but low-quality batteries. You would be spending more on replacements than investing on high-quality one from a reliable supplier.
  • Choose a gate that’s suitable to the weather. Some gate materials are not suitable for all-year-round weather fluctuations. Opt for an opener that’s not vulnerable to extreme temperatures.

Doing these maintenance tips is a way of cutting down your cost on repairs and replacements. Besides, a fully operational gate gives you and your family a sense of physical and emotional safety. Nothing else can help you get a good night’s rest than the knowledge that you’re safe inside the premises.

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