Monday, June 17

3 Major Signs That Your AC Needs Service

The hot weather forces Australians inside their homes to avoid sweating, redness and UV Rays that will harm the skin. There have been recorded heat waves with temperatures ranging from 40 to 50 C in the past few years. That is why most Australians have invested in quality air conditioning products to cool the rooms of their house, making a cold and chilly ambiance that family and friends would love.

Global Warming has affected not only the melting of the icy regions of the world but also the rising heat temperatures affecting countries’ agriculture, weather, and health conditions. For example, prolonged exposure under the heat of the sun invites UV Rays to penetrate the skin and that may cause skin cancer.

Another case is the drought that will disrupt crop and grain production with little to no water on the soil. Extremely hot weather will also alter people’s moods because the heat is unbearable or uncomfortable. These are factors why in Australia, most homes, public establishments, and private companies have air conditioners to combat the everyday heat temperature.

Having an air conditioner can lower the heat temperature in a room by taking in the heat particles in using evaporator coils and letting it outside the back of the machine using condenser coils. In simple words, the heat is just converted into the cold by coolant chemicals like Chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs found in air conditioning units that go through a fan to blast the cool air inside the room. That’s how air conditioners work, and you can keep them functioning well by a good air conditioning service.

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When to call for air conditioning services

In a humid country like Australia, you cannot miss out an important air conditioning service appointment by trusted technicians. These are top three major signs on when to call for an air conditioning service:

1. Your air conditioner makes unusual noisy sounds

It is normal when your AC makes a noise when turning on but when unusual noisy sounds can be heard and it happens often, the AC could have problems. It could be the compressor, motor or the bearings that are causing these sounds. Your technician will know.

2. Your air conditioner does not cool the room as cold as it used to

Dark, dirty and dusty air filters can cause this inconvenience. With the constant air filtration process, you can find dust and dirt build-up inside your air conditioning unit after an average number of months. It is better to clean your AC unit or hire someone else to do it so you can ensure its better performance.

3. Your air conditioner has water leakage

Drainage stuck with dirt causes wanted water leaks in your AC. This dirt could come from excess air from the air filters. If water leaks continue because of the clogged drainage, the drain pan will fill up and flood—causing harm to the unit.